Participants Needed for UBC Study/为UBC寻找研究对象 (中文版本请往下拉)

19 Dec


 Language socialization among transnational Chinese children:

Negotiating multilingual identities, ideologies, and educational experiences

Thank you for coming to read about this research. My name is Klara Abdi and I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED) at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  I am currently in the process of looking for participants for a pilot study for my dissertation research, supervised by Dr. Patricia Duff, LLED, UBC.

We are doing this study to learn more about the lives of Chinese families in Canada and how they make decisions about staying in Canada or returning to China. If you decide to participate in our study, we will conduct a detailed life history interview with you to understand your and your family’s experiences of living in China and Canada and about how you make decisions about moving between Canada and China. In follow-up interviews, we will ask you about how your family’s situation has changed over the intervening months. We will interview you up to 5 times, approximately once every six months. Each interview will last 1-2 hours. The total interview time for the entire study will not exceed 10 hours. The interviews will be conducted in English and/or Mandarin Chinese, depending on your preference. If we are not in the same country during the time of the study, we can arrange an interview over Skype or by email, depending on your preference. The purpose of this study is to understand the decision-making process of families moving between Canada and China and the effects on their children’s education, (English and Chinese) language skills, and world-view. This research could be used to inform education policy in Canada.

If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions or desire further information with respect to this study, you may contact me, Klara Abdi, by email at Please feel free to look through this blog whose main focus is my family’s experiences living in China over four years.

I truly appreciate your assistance with this research effort.



 谢谢您对这个研究的关注。我的名字叫Klara Abdi(茹明慧)。我是加拿大英属哥伦比亚大学(UBC)语言和文字教育部门的博士侯选人.  我正在寻找志愿者参加我的博士论文研究的试点研究。我的导师是加拿大英属哥伦比亚大学语言和文字教育部门的教授, Patricia Duff (杜柏丝)博士.


如果您对参加这项研究感兴趣或您有任何问题或想得到更多资讯关于这项研究,请跟我Klara Abdi联系。我的邮件是 请您来看一下我的blog,在这里我讲述了我的家庭住在中国四年的经历。


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