October is finally over!

1 Nov

Okay, October is a pretty good month in Nanjing – during the first half of the month, the temperature highs were between 20 and 25 degrees though around the third week it dropped sharply down to a low of 5 and high in the low teens. But even that cold is manageable.  So why am I glad the month is over?  Because it was CRAZY! I had tons of marking and study, etc. as usual but on top of that I was trying to write a journal article to apply for the Best Grad Paper competition in the Canadian Modern Language Review.  If I win, it’s be my first published article and very exciting.  I basically wrote the paper during the National Holiday (first week of Oct) and then edited this past week – luckily I got one day off of work, one off of school and one Saturday where my activities were cancelled plus yesterday (Sunday) and with all that extra time, I managed to “finish” (such things can never really be finished but I think I did a reasonably good job though). I was still 500 words over the limit; however my supervisor says that should be ok – hopefully she is right. I had already cut over a 1000 words and well, the rest just was really important and also I had no more brain by the end to do anything more.  So it has been submitted and one heavy weight came off my shoulders.  Looking forward to November!  Somehow all the marking I have left and my Chinese midterms just don’t seem half as stressful now that this is out of the way.  Also hoping to make more posts here that I’ve been planning in my head!


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