Our China Travel Itinerary

15 Jul

We begin in Nanjing, my home and where it has been raining almost non-stop for weeks. To be fair, we had an usually dry spring so I guess it is making up for that. Although I wasn’t too happy, I realized this weather is much more bearable for my mom than the typical close to 40 degree weather it usually gets around this time of year when it is not raining. The good news is that it seems (after a downpour and such thick clouds her plane could barely land yesterday) that the weather is clearing up a bit so we will be able to take my mom around Nanjing.

Here is the plan:
July 16 – Zhongshan Mountain (a huge area with Sun Zhong Shan’s tomb (designed by a Czech sculpter 🙂 ), Ming tombs, forests and a freshwater lake where you can actually swim (I and a few others do anyway), botanical gardens, etc.)
July 17 – Morning: alone time with my mom: it’s supposed to be raining this day so perfect time for a facial (she has never had one and I have recently had my first so we are excited) and head massage in a salon in the morning – if time and weather allows, since we will be near my old home at Southeast University, will also try to take her to Jiming Temple to have a view of Nanjing and maybe even have a walk on a part of the Nanjing wall. Roya’s surprise 8th birthday party will be held in the afternoon (sshhh, don’t tell Roya :))
July 18 – planning to take a trip to the gardens of Suzhou since it is supposed to rain here but be nice there
July 19 – biking up the river (yes, I will make my mom bike :)) and visiting a nice park by the river and going up a part of the Nanjing wall; packing

July 20 – flying to Guangxi province, Guilin (this area has an amazing karst landscape – really excited about it)

July 21 – visiting rice paddy villages north of Guilin

July 22 – short bus ride to Yangshuo; staying until July 25 – planning to go on a bamboo raft down the river, bike around and swim in the Yulong River; this beautiful area should be one the highlights of our trip

July 25 – travelling by bus and train to Nanning, the capital of Guangxi

July 26 – morning explore Nanning, afternoon train to Beihai, a beach city in Guangxi

July 27-29 – at the beach and hotel pool (crossing fingers for good weather!)

July 30 – back to Nanning

July 31 – travel to Detian Falls and explore area (no hotel reserved so this will be a more adventurous part of our trip – also next day a little unpredictable as bus schedules are impossible to look up on line (at least for me) so will have to plan as we go)

August 1 – taking buses through villages to Baise where we will take our first overnight train to Kunming (at my mom’s predictable  and  wise insistence, we will be taking soft sleepers, four beds (we will reserve all of them) with a door – hard sleepers are much cheaper but have 6 beds and no door)

August 2 – hanging in Yunnan province, Kunming (one of the places we are exploring to possibly move to in the future)

August 3 – most of the day on the train to Dali (a small city we are also considering to move to)

August 4 – 7 – Dali! (afternoon short train ride to Lijiang)

August 8 – 10 – Lijiang! (the third place we are considering – Dali and Lijiang are beautiful small cities in the middle of nature with great weather, hence the appeal – all I need is to find a job there, which may be difficult)

August 10 – overnight train back to Kunming

August 11 – 12 – two more days of exploration in Kunming

August 12 – overnight train to Chengdu (our longest train at about 18 hours, will arrive in Chengdu at 2pm)

August 13 – 15 – exploring Chengdu, the spicy capital of Sichuan province (my children are already dreading the food here 🙂 but it should be fine with hotpot, where you cook your own food in boiling water, which can be divided into one half normal water and one half super spicy water – for my mom and Peiman); highlight: visiting the Pandas

August 15 – overnight train to Shaanxi province, Xian

August 16 – 17 – exploring the Terracota warrior remains and other sights

August 17 – over night train to Beijing

August 18 – 22  – Beijing (Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, etc.)

August 22 – mom flying out and Peiman and kids back to Nanjing; I will stay for another 5 days to attend the International Applied Linguistics Conference 🙂

August 29 – back to Nanjing for my first day of work on the 30th (good thing I asked for Mondays off :))

Are you tired yet?  I think we will be!!!


One Response to “Our China Travel Itinerary”

  1. mudspice July 18, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    Let me know if you survive that trip! HOLY COW, YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO A LOT OF PLACES!!!!

    Have fun!

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